We’ll write what you want or edit what you give us. We offer the following services:

  • Substantive editing: Reorganizing material to ensure clarity of content
  • Stylistic editing: Polishing writing and improving language
  • Copy editing and proofreading: Checking for errors or inconsistencies in grammar,
    spelling, punctuation and layout
  • Writing: Creating new material
  • Rewriting: Recreating pre-existing material
  • Public relations and communications consulting

These are some of the materials we work with:

  • Fiction and non-fiction books
  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • Technical articles and manuals
  • Websites, blogs
  • Letters, reports
  • Brochures, newsletters
  • Resumes, CVs, cover letters
  • Academic materials

Rates vary by contract. For more information, or for a full portfolio, please contact us.

“The single biggest problem in
communication is the illusion that
it has taken place.”

— George Bernard Shaw